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The 2006 expedition

Many from the same team as in 2004 joined in 2006. We were two paleontologists and one preparer from the museum, three students, two members of PalVenn, one American paleontologist, and two reporters from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The 2006 expedition also received wonderful service logistics-wise from the Polar Institute in Longyearbyen.

Participants :

  • Jørn Hurum
  • Hans Arne Nakrem
  • Bjørn Funke
  • Magne Høyberget
  • Lena Kristiansen
  • Roger Myren
  • Kirsti Moe
  • Espen Knutsen
  • Bjørn Lund
  • Linn Kristin Novis
  • Patrick Druckenmiller

Field work 2006

We went up in August to continue our fieldwork in an area similar to the one we visited in 2004. This years' expedition had the purpose of mapping without any excavation. What we hoped to find was an area rich in fossils where we could initiate a five years excavation plan.



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