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Research at the museum

Our Earth is rich in natural diversity, both geological and biological, though there is much we do not know about how this diversity arose, persists and changes over time.

In our research we investigate some of these questions: How did different  organisms, rocks and minerals form? How many species are there? How did extinct species live? How will earth's biodiversity adapt to climate change? Can we find innovative and sustainable ways to use our natural resources?

Bildet kan inneholde: fjær, terrestrisk plante, kunstmaling, animalsk produkt, naturlig materiale.

Scientists in the field

Many of our scientists regularly conduct field work in different parts of the world to collect data for their research projects. Get out and about, to the rainforests of Brazil or the Arctic sea ice cover, and see how our researchers work to gain knowledge about nature.  

For researchers and students

  • Events, disputations and conferences
  • Resources: DNA and imaging labs, access to collections, software, etc. 
  • Education and research schools
  • Projects and publications