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The Botanical garden - a living museum

The Botanical Garden and the museums within it are among Oslo's most popular attractions, with tourists and local visitors alike. The garden is especially beautiful in spring and summer, but you can learn and marvel all year round at NHM.

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Understanding Nature

Nature's diversity is the object of the research at NHM. From Norway's largest natural history collections, we aim for a deeper understanding of how long time evolutionary and geological processes have shaped our world. Our National Centre of Biosystematics is internationally renowned. The Arctic is a main area of interest.

About the collections

The Natural History Museum is Norway’s most comprehensive natural history collection. A selection of specimens are on display for the general public.

The Natural History Museum is to be found in the beautiful Botanical Garden. Located at Tøyen in the east of Oslo city centre, the garden is not only popular for recreation, but a scientific collection in itself.

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