Participants in Geo-Ecology research group (GEco)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Olav Skarpaas Professor +47 99294394 Ecology, Biodiversity, Spatial modelling, Ecological climatology, Population biology, Experimental ecology
Rune Halvorsen Professor +47-22851629 +47-95477287 (mob) 95477287 Population biology, Ordination, Statistical modelling, Vegetation ecology, Nature types, Bryophytes
Anders Bryn Associate Professor +47-93039782 Biodiversity, Biogeography, Cultural heritage, Distribution modelling, Ecological climatology, Forest lines, GIS, Landscape ecology, Treelines, Vegetation mapping
Harald Bratli Associate Professor +47-22851643 Biodiversity, Vascular plants, Vegetation ecology, Lichens, Semi-natural grasslands, Management effects
Dag Endresen Senior Engineer +47-22851654 +47-40612982 (mob)
Anne-Barbi Nilsen Researcher GIS, cartography, field-PC
Anders Kvalvåg Wollan Head Engineer +47-22851628 Hypogeic fungi, Nature types, Biodiversity, Vegetation ecology, Distribution modelling, Scale dependent variation, GIS, Biogeography, Mycology
Oddvar Pedersen Senior Engineer +47-22851742
Peter Horvath Head Engineer 48680586 Ecological climatology, Vegetation modelling, GIS, Treeline
Eva Lieungh Eriksen Doctoral Research Fellow plant ecology, GIS, Distribution modelling, NiN, Mapping
Vegar Bakkestuen Researcher +47-22851621 +47-93466787 (mob) Statistical modelling, Ecology
Åge Brabrand Researcher +47-22851729 +47-92834401 (mob)
Svein Jakob Saltveit +47-22851724 +47-92834402 (mob)
Trond Simensen
Inger Volden Executive Officer
Desalegn Chala Gelete Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22851814

Other participants