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Master students

Are you interested in writing your MSC thesis in the GEco group? We publish suggested projects here. It's also possible to suggest your own project, or to ask a GEco researcher about a topic you are interested in.

GEco master students normally get a space in the student room of Lids house (the Botanical Museum) in the Botanical Garden at Tøyen. Our students take a combination of courses offered at IBV (UiO main campus) and the NHM.

We can offer projects in topics like NiN, vegetation mapping, distribution modelling, urban ecology, population biology, and forest- and treelines in the mountains.The thesis projects often involve independent field work, and that the student writes their own project description. We often collaborate with researchers at IBV/UiO and other institutions to put together the best possible team of supervisors, and design the project together with the student.

We publish news stories when our students finish, so check out our news feed to read more about previous master projects!