Rukaya Sarah Johaadien

Senior Engineer - Geo-Ecology Research Group
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Visiting address Sars gate 1 0562 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1172, Blindern 0318 Oslo

Tasks performed

I provide technical support for Norwegian researchers and students, teaching at workshops and courses on biodiversity informatics and open data publication. Other tasks include maintaining and updating the online home page for  GBIF Norway  and contributing to the development of international solutions for open publication of primary biodiversity information. 


I worked in a similar role for the South African National Biodiversity Institute at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town. I have an MSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town. 


  • Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah; Endresen, Dag & Torma, Michal (2022). An Update on Persistent Identifiers in Norwegian Biodiversity Data. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards (BISS). ISSN 2535-0897. doi: 10.3897/biss.6.91585.
  • Marsden, Luke; Endresen, Dag; Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah; Torma, Michal & Altenburger, Andreas (2022). Nansen Legacy - Marine data publishing workshop in Tromsø in September 2022.
  • Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah; Torma, Michal; Rindal, Eirik & Barotov, Samariddin (2022). CESP mentoring - data publication and digitisation course for Tajikistan September 2022.
  • Endresen, Dag; Russell, Laura Anne; Schigel, Dmitry; Prylutskyi, Oleh; Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah & Torma, Michal [Show all 11 contributors for this article] (2022). Four-day program on open biodiversity data publishing and high-level data paper publishing, online for Ukraine in August 2022.
  • Endresen, Dag; Russell, Laura Anne; Schigel, Dmitry; de Boer, Hugo; Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah & Torma, Michal [Show all 10 contributors for this article] (2022). Five-day program curriculum on open biodiversity data publishing, including excursion and bioblitz in Dilijan, Armenia in May 2022.
  • Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah; Endresen, Dag & Bakken, Vidar (2021). Norwegian GBIF marine datasets from OBIS.
  • Endresen, Dag Terje Filip; Johaadien, Rukaya Sarah & Bakken, Vidar (2021). Capacity development activities from GBIF Norway.

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