New paper in Kart og Plan: The ABC-method

A new paper is available in the most recent edition of Kart og Plan. "Training of new field mappers: The ABC-method" is based on the master thesis by Hannah E. E. Haga, and written by her and Anders Bryn, Anne B. Nilsen and Heidrun A. Ullerud.

The paper outlines an innovative pedagogical method for training new field mappers. GEco research has uncovered a great need for improving and documenting quality and consistency in vegetation and nature type maps, and we hope this new method can be used to do just that.

Field-based maps are generated by the mapper performing two exercises simultaneously: Classification of land cover to predefined types, and delineation of polygons at a predefined scale. The innovation of the ABC method lies in exposing new field mappers to these exercises in three stages: A) classification of land cover within provided polygons; B) delineation of polygons around provided points that have already been classified; C) a combination of classification and delineation of polygons.

The ABC-method is used to train field mappers in our master-level course BIO4120.

The article is available here.

H.E.E.S. Haga in the field. Photo: H.A. Ullerud


Emneord: NiN, Vegetation mapping, Vegetation types, Kartlegging Av E.L. Eriksen
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