New PhD fellow in ecological modelling

A new PhD fellow in GEco - Eva L. Eriksen - will be working on dynamic ecological modelling.  The PhD project will focus on the spatial dynamics of plants in relation to climate change, as a part of GEco’s collaboration with the LATICE network and the recently funded EMERALD and INCLINE projects. Professor Olav Skarpaas is the main supervisor.

Spatial models that incorporate dynamic processes are needed to predict the current and future distributions of plant populations, communities and ecosystems. Important ecological processes that shape distributions, like biotic interactions and dispersal, are understudied and poorly represented in models.

The main aim of Eriksens PhD project is to better understand the spatial dynamics of plants across biodiversity levels, through a combination of theoretical and empirical work. The project is divided into four parts, first reviewing modelling of spatial dynamics and then three projects relating to modelling on the population, community and ecosystem levels of organization.


Emneord: Modelling, Climate change, Vegetation ecology, dispersal, traits, interactions Av E.L. Eriksen
Publisert 21. jan. 2019 14:31 - Sist endret 14. sep. 2021 08:52