New paper proves large inter-observer variation in mapping

A new paper, authored by our PhD student Heidrun A.Ullerud together with Anders Bryn, Rune Halvorsen and Lars Ø. Hemsing has been accepted and is ready for publishing in Applied Vegetation Science. 

Foto: Anders Bryn/NHM

"Consistency in land cover mapping: influence of fieldworkers, spatial scale and classification system" is part of Heidrun A. Ullerud's PhD. She is researching methods and quality in land cover mapping, with the aim of finding methods that enable effective, high quality mapping of nature. The paper is based on comparisons of parallell maps made by three different fieldworkers, with two different mapping systems. One of these systems were NiN.  



Emneord: Delineation, Ecosystem mapping, Ecosystem types, GIS, Map quality, Precision, Repeatability, Vegetation mapping, Vegetation types
Publisert 8. feb. 2018 13:23 - Sist endret 31. aug. 2020 12:48