GEco retreat at Drøbak

This week, we have taken our laptops and thinking caps to Drøbak, to work efficiently on joint projects.

Bildet kan inneholde: smil, himmel, bukse, vann, fritid.
Foto: Eva Lieungh

After a long time apart, it was good to see each other again and to work on writing and coding together. The 'retreat' has a loose schedule where everyone in GEco, from master students to professors, can hold spontaneous presentations and get quick feedback from everyone in the group, or just sit in a corner and write without disruptions. It has been inspirational to see how knowledge is exchanged, ideas develop, and manuscripts get together in such a short time.

We have also had a group meeting, gotten to know new faces, and jumped into the cold fjord in the mornings!

Av Eva Lieungh
Publisert 8. feb. 2022 15:31