GEco-made app turns hikers into scientists

This summer, the position of hundreds of tree- and forest lines have been registered all over Norway, thanks to a citizen science app developed at NHM.

Results from southern Norway so far. Screenshot from

How can we succeed in communicating science in a society where new information and opinions are available around every corner? This was the central question which led to the birth of the citizen science project 'Natur i endring' ('changing landscapes').

The initiative comes from GEco-members Anders Bryn, Peter Horvath and Inger Kristine Volden, who have developed the project in close cooperation with Den Norske Turistforening (DNT, The Norwegian Trekking Association). Sparebankstiftelsen DNB funds the project.

The main element of Natur i endring is an app which provides the opportunity for anyone to locate and register tree- and forest lines in Norway. At present, close to 350 registrations have been made, distributed across eleven counties. Through the app, users learn about the concept of tree- and forest lines, and are made aware of the fact that these lines are shifting upwards. 

Overall, one of the main goals with the project is to increase public consciousness about the continuous changes taking place in our surroundings, caused by climate change or intensive and expansive land use.

See for more information (in norwegian).

The people behind 'Natur i endring' from NHM and DNT. Photo: H. Bratli


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