Julien Vollering's disputation: Forecasting the continued naturalization of wildly planted alien conifers

Julien Vollering defended his PhD thesis on January 17th. After a trial lecture about ecosystem response to climate change, the main defence was about forecasting the continued naturalization of wildly planted Sitka spruce in Norway.

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Julien pointing out Sitka spruce in the landscape

Foto: Knut Rydgren

Sitka spruce is among the many species that spread outside areas they are planted, and a key aim of the thesis is to evaluate the nature of this spread: do sitkas spread rapidly or slowly, and which ecosystems could they establish in?

Julien Vollering's thesis presents an R package (MIAmaxent) that can be used to understand the ecology in the Sitka native range and forecast spread from these relationships, as well as a method to handle spatial bias in occurrence data. He also quantifies spread into differently-exposed ecosystems, and  identifies bottlenecks to potential further spread.

Julien Vollering has been co-supervised by the NHM and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The event was held as a physical-digital hybrid.

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Julien and supervisors. The opponents could not be present physically, so digital communication was a necessity. Photo by Liv Norunn Hamre.


Emneord: Distribution modelling, invasive species, R, MIAmaxent, sitka spruce Av Eva Lieungh
Publisert 28. jan. 2022 09:38