BIO4120 field trip 2019

This year's field trip in BIO4120 is complete, introducing students to the natural variation of southern Norway from east to west and spanning as much of the NiN system as possible.

Lucky weather conditions at Grinde, close to Leikanger, overlooking Sognefjorden. Photo: E.L. Eriksen

The 6-day field trip is one of three parts of the BIO4120 course, comprising one week of lectures, one field trip to anchor the students in the ecological gradient-space of NiN, and one week of training in mapping before a final exam.

Rune Halvorsen presenting plant species with indicator value. We use stick markers (white) to focus the students on a location, where they should determine the ecosystem type and correct mapping unit. Photo: E.L. Eriksen

BIO4120 is held annually. For more information, go to the UiO course homepage.

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