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Our scientific collections

The Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo include over 6 million scientific objects in several biological and geological collections. The collections are the museum's foundation and the basis for a lot of our research. They are also used by researchers outside the museum, both in Norway and internationally, through visits or loans. The collections represent an archive for national and international natural diversity, both geological and biological, and the museum takes great responsibility in preserving them for the future. 

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The DNA Bank

The largest non-human DNA bank in Norway. The collection includes hundreds of thousands of tissue samples and DNA extractions, mainly from vascular plants and birds. However, samples from fungi, lichens, invertebrates and other taxa are steadily added to the collection. 

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Search among the digital object in our new online collection portal. The portal currently includes samples from the following organism groups: mosses, fungi, vascular plants, charales, birds, insects, fish and mammals. 

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