Michael Matschiner

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Besøksadresse Sars gate 1 0562 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 1172, Blindern 0318 Oslo

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I am fascinated by biodiversity, and use my research to learn more about its origin and evolution. Much of my work therefore investigates speciation and the mechanisms driving it, particularly in rapidly diversifying groups of vertebrates. As hybridization has been identified as a mechanism with potentially large impact on speciation, my current research focuses on the occurrence of hybridization among vertebrate species and its link to speciation. I use genomics and bioinformatics to perform my studies.


While I currently do not teach BSc.- or MSc.-level courses at the University of Oslo, I teach the ForBio Phylogenomics course together with Torsten Struck.

I'm also co-directing and teaching in the biennial Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics of the international Evomics workshop series.


Since 2021 Associate Professor in Vertebrate Zoology
  Curator of the NHM fish collection
2018-2020 Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Zurich, Switzerland


Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Basel, Switzerland
2013-2017 Researcher at the University of Oslo


Postdoctoral fellow at the Allan-Wilson-Centre, New Zealand


PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland
2002-2008 MSc in Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany


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