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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Merete Berg Berg, Merete Chief Research Technician 97166765
Picture of Nils-Petter Bergersen Bergersen, Nils-Petter Chief Research Technician +47-22851741 +47-90970751
Picture of Liv Borgen Borgen, Liv Professor emerita +47 22851778
Picture of Tor Carlsen Carlsen, Tor Section Manager +47-22851711
Picture of Finn Ervik Ervik, Finn Researcher +47-22851826 +47-95988531
Picture of Oddmund Fostad Fostad, Oddmund Senior Engineer +47-22851710 +47-90703979
Picture of Anneleen Kool Kool, Anneleen Senior Lecturer +47-22851612 40648061 +47 40 64 80 61 Ethnobotany, DNA barcoding, Ancient DNA, Viking Age, Phylogenetics, Plant evolution, Medicinal plants
Picture of Øystein Lofthus Lofthus, Øystein Curator
Picture of Andreas Løvold Løvold, Andreas Chief Research Technician 93416348 +47 934 16 348
Picture of Isak Messihi Messihi, Isak Workshop leader
Midtøy, Cecilie Greenhouse gardener
Picture of Tor Salve Mjaaland Mjaaland, Tor Salve Principal Engineer +47-22851741
Picture of Nina Myrland Myrland, Nina Chief Research Technician +47-22851741 +47-90501157
Picture of Anders Neergaard Neergaard, Anders Chief Research Technician +47-22851783 +47-90288955
Nerli, Vivian Research Technician
Picture of Remi Aleksander Nielsen Nielsen, Remi Aleksander Chief Research Technician
Oppedal, Anita Research Technician
Picture of Hege Røer Pettersen Pettersen, Hege Røer Chief Research Technician
Picture of Ingrid Elisabeth Støren Støren, Ingrid Elisabeth Principal Engineer +47-22851741
Picture of Liv Aarvoll Aarvoll, Liv Chief Research Technician +47-22851741