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Collett's house (Zoological museum)
Zoological and geological exhibitions

Tuesday - Friday: 11–16
Weekends and holidays: 10-17

Botanical garden
All days: 07–17

Palm house og Victoria house
All days: 10–17

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Understanding Nature

Nature's diversity is the object of the research at NHM. From Norway's largest natural history collections, we aim for a deeper understanding of how long time evolutionary and geological processes have shaped our world. Our National Centre of Biosystematics is internationally renowned. The Arctic is a main area of interest.

About the collections

The Natural History Museum does research on biological and geological diversity and the evolutionary processes involved in creating this diversity. The scientific collections constitutes the basis for our research and are the most comprehensive in Norway comprising a total of 6.2 million objects. 

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Future additions to the museum

Big changes are coming to the museum! In the next few years, two buildings will be ready with new exhibits for visitors. In addition, we are planning to build a brand new green house in the future. Here you can read about the new buildings and our upcoming exhibits.