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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Birgit Albrigtsen Albrigtsen, Birgit Research Technician
Picture of Emil Bang Bang, Emil Principal Engineer (+47) 902 39 060 Geology, Paleontology, Digitizing, Polarsamlingen
Picture of Katriina Bendiksen Bendiksen, Katriina Head Engineer +47 22851626 +47 48067293 Fungal names, Ramaria, Alpine macrofungi, Cortinarius, Mycology
Picture of Bjørn Aksel Bjerke Bjerke, Bjørn Aksel Principal Engineer +47 22851692 +47 95204891
Picture of Nélia Castro Castro, Nélia Senior Engineer +47 22851641 Geology, petrography
Edgar, Shauna Christine Principal Engineer
Picture of Torill Enger Enger, Torill Research Technician +47 22851779
Picture of Jan Erik Eriksen Eriksen, Jan Erik Principal Engineer +47 22851636
Picture of Solveig Vatne Gustavsen Gustavsen, Solveig Vatne Principal Engineer +47 22851693
Picture of Anna Maria Have Holm Holm, Anna Maria Have Research Technician +47 22851743
Picture of Lars Erik Johannessen Johannessen, Lars Erik Head Engineer +47 22851801 Genetic resources, DNA barcoding, Evolution, Ornithology, Zoology, Sexual selection, Behavioural ecology, Sperm competition
Picture of Liv Guro Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Liv Guro Senior Engineer +47 22851683 +47 95 12 62 61
Picture of Franz-Josef Lindemann Lindemann, Franz-Josef Head Engineer +47 22851659
Picture of Bjørn Petter Løfall Løfall, Bjørn Petter Head Engineer +47 22851619
Picture of Jon Edvard Lønnve Lønnve, Jon Edvard Section Manager +47 22851753 +47 47805076
Picture of Gunnhild Martine Marthinsen Marthinsen, Gunnhild Martine Head Engineer +47 22851874 +47 99535482 Biological diversity, NorBOL, Systematics, Genetic resources, DNA barcoding, Biodiversity, Botany, Zoology, Evolution
Picture of Eigil Strand Olsen Olsen, Eigil Strand Research Technician +47 22851627
Picture of Henning Pavels Pavels, Henning Head Engineer +47 22851765
Picture of Bente Rian Rian, Bente Principal Engineer
Picture of Eirik Rindal Rindal, Eirik Senior Engineer +47 22851872 +47 40224872 Biology, Microscopy, Annual plan, Relocation, Project management
Picture of Siri Rui Rui, Siri Head Engineer +47 22851623
Picture of Ann-Helén Rønning Rønning, Ann-Helén Head Engineer +47 22851677 +47 99399709
Slagsvold, Per Kristian Head Engineer Entomology, Lepidoptera-moths/butterflies, Collections
Picture of Karsten Sund Sund, Karsten Head Engineer +47 22851682
Picture of Åse Ingvild Wilhelmsen Wilhelmsen, Åse Ingvild Head Engineer +47 22851719