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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Birkeland Birkeland, Anne Senior Lecturer +47-22851797 Exhibitions, Museum lecturer, Geology, Research communication, Museum pedagogy
Picture of Kristina Bjureke Bjureke, Kristina Lecturer +47-22851815 +47-95200804 +47 952 00 804 Continuing and further education, EU, Teaching, Project management, Museum pedagogy, Exhibitions
Picture of Petter Bøckman Bøckman, Petter Lecturer +47-22851642 98466206 + 47 98 46 62 06 Exhibitions, Evolution, Ecology, Museum pedagogy, Museum lecturer, Research communication, Zoology
Picture of Pawan Chanana Chanana, Pawan Executive Officer +47-22851768
Picture of Gry Ekrem Ekrem, Gry Higher Executive Officer +47-22851820 +47-94332299
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Communication Advisor and Web Editor +47 22 84 11 40 +47 480 06 056
Picture of Anne Finnanger Finnanger, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47-22851867 +47-97124375
Picture of Jannicke Gammelsrød Gammelsrød, Jannicke Lecturer Jannicke Gammelsrød
Picture of Marit Elisabeth Grønbech Grønbech, Marit Elisabeth Lecturer +47-22851769
Picture of Irene Hirsti-Kvam Hirsti-Kvam, Irene Lecturer Irene Hirsti-Kvam
Picture of Gro Hilde Jacobsen Jacobsen, Gro Hilde Adviser +47-22852072
Picture of Karenina Kriszat Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Picture of Torkjell Leira Leira, Torkjell Senior Adviser +47-22851681 Amazon, Biodiversity, Brazil, Climate change, Deforestation, Indigenous peoples, Human rights, Project management, Rainforest, REDD+
Picture of Mai Linn Muskaug Muskaug, Mai Linn Higher Executive Officer Mai Linn Muskaug
Picture of Kjell Erik Pettersen Pettersen, Kjell Erik Executive Officer +47-22851782
Picture of Truong Pham Pham, Truong Head Engineer
Picture of Hanne Lene Skjeklesæther Skjeklesæther, Hanne Lene Administrative Manager +47-22851737 +47-91312057 +47 91312057
Picture of Marianne Strøm Strøm, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22851739 +47-91390908 913 90 908 Exhibitions, Project management
Picture of Einar Strømnes Strømnes, Einar Senior Lecturer +47-22851664
Picture of Christopher Værlien Værlien, Christopher Executive Officer +47-22851689
Picture of Cecilie Elise Webb Webb, Cecilie Elise Section Manager +47-22851650 +47-90950266