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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Birkeland Birkeland, Anne Senior Lecturer +47-22851797 Museum lecturer, Geology, Museum pedagogy, Research communication, Exhibitions
Picture of Kristina Bjureke Bjureke, Kristina Lecturer +47-22851815 +47-95200804 +47 952 00 804 Continuing and further education, EU, Teaching, Project management, Museum pedagogy, Exhibitions
Picture of Petter Bøckman Bøckman, Petter Lecturer +47-22851642 98466206 + 47 98 46 62 06 Exhibitions, Evolution, Ecology, Museum pedagogy, Museum lecturer, Research communication, Zoology
Picture of Pawan Chanana Chanana, Pawan Executive Officer +47-22851768 Museum shop, tickets
Picture of Gry Ekrem Ekrem, Gry Higher Executive Officer +47-22851820 +47-94332299
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Communication Advisor and Web Editor +47 22 84 11 40 +47 480 06 056
Picture of Anne Finnanger Finnanger, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47-22851867 +47-97124375
Picture of Ann Kristin Godager Godager, Ann Kristin Higher Executive Officer +47-22852072
Picture of Marit Elisabeth Grønbech Grønbech, Marit Elisabeth Lecturer +47-22851769
Picture of Irene Hirsti-Kvam Hirsti-Kvam, Irene Higher Executive Officer Irene Hirsti-Kvam
Picture of Karenina Kriszat Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Picture of Torkjell Leira Leira, Torkjell Senior Adviser Amazon, Biodiversity, Brazil, Climate change, Deforestation, Indigenous peoples, Human rights, Project management, Rainforest, REDD+
Picture of Mai Linn Muskaug Muskaug, Mai Linn Senior Executive Officer Mai Linn Muskaug
Picture of Truong Pham Pham, Truong Graphic designer +47-22851637
Picture of Hanne Lene Skjeklesæther Skjeklesæther, Hanne Lene Administrative Manager +47-22851737 +47-91312057 +47 91312057
Picture of Marianne Strøm Strøm, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22851739 +47-91390908 913 90 908 Exhibitions, Project management
Picture of Einar Strømnes Strømnes, Einar Senior Lecturer +47-22851664
Picture of Christopher Værlien Værlien, Christopher Executive Officer +47-22851689 Museum shop, tickets
Picture of Cecilie Elise Webb Webb, Cecilie Elise Section Manager +47-22851650 +47-90950266
Picture of Sverre Øygarden Eikill Øygarden Eikill, Sverre Adviser 980 32 336