Persons tagged with «Ethics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Blandhol, Sverre Professor +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Ethics
Busch, Emil Junge Doctoral Research Fellow +4522337821 (mob) Systematic Theology, Ethics, Professional Ethics, Philosophy of Religion
Edqvist, Pia Kristina Head Engineer +47 90138361 Conservation, Archaeological conservation, Cultural heritage, Material technology, Material analysis, Ethics, Sustainability, Nature/Culture
Ekberg, Sebastian Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Dogmatics, Ecclesiology, Aesthetics and Religion, Ethics, Hermeneutics, Latin
Elster, Jakob Associate Professor +47 22845530 +47 41467211 (mob) human rights, ethics, political philosophy, bioethics, research ethics, autonomy
Krogseth, Otto Professor emeritus History of Religions, Christianity, Ethics
Lerheim, Birgitte Associate Professor +47 22850385 +47 91795331 (mob) Systematic Theology, Professional Ethics, Nordic Protestantism, Ethics
Malnes, Raino Sverre Professor +47 22855176 +47 95939508 (mob) Political theory, Political philosophy, Social philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of science, France.
Mancilla, Alejandra Professor +47 22841677 +47 92816049 (mob) Philosophy, Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental philosophy, Environmental Humanities, human rights
Rasmussen, Terje Professor +47 22850441 +47 22564008 (mob) Media and communication, Internet, Ethics, Social Theory, Journalism, Consumption, Media history, media technology, Political communication, Freedom of speech and democracy
Ruyter, Knut W Professor II Systematic Theology, Ethics
Räsänen, Joona Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856721 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics
Saugstad, Jens Professor of Philosophy +47 22856978 + 47 90608040 Philosophy, Ethics, Applied ethics, The Philosophy of mind, Kant, Wittgenstein, Political philosophy, Epistemology
Schmidt, Helena M. Strandli Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Diaconial Science, Ethics, Migration
Skorstad, Siv Kathrine Jin Adviser +47 22854434 +47 92690337 (mob) Research administration, Ethics, Personal data, Contracts, Legal counselling
Smajdor, Anna Associate Professor +47 22857546 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Reproduction
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47 22854465 Management, PhD, ethics, research Infrastructures, External funding, Open Science, Innovation, Legal counselling, Contracts
Strandberg, Caj Sixten Professor +47 22844833 +47 93051886 (mob) Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Normative Theories
Trivigno, Franco Professor +47 22844443 +97 22 84 44 43 Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics
Van Der Velden, Maja Professor +47 22852816 +47 95470009 (mob) anthropology of technology, circular economy, design justice, ethics, feminist technoscience, gender, intersectionality, sustainability, sustainable digitalisation, systems thinking
Wig, Ståle Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22854486 +47 90523201 (mob) +47-90523201 Development, Ethics, Economic anthropology, Money, Africa, Lesotho, Cuba
van Dooren, Thom Professor II extinction, biodiversity, environmental humanities, environmental philosophy, ethics