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Nature in Norway (NiN)

The development of "Nature in Norway" (NiN) is a long-term project with the aim of documenting and further developing knowledge about Norwegian natural variation. NiN is a framework that can be used tp map ecosystems for many purposes. The development of NiN was initiated in 2005 by the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, which also provides financial support for the project.

The role of the GEco group and the Natural History Museum in this project is to develop the theoretical ecological foundation of the NiN system, and provide courses. NiN is a toolbox for describing Norwegian nature. It consists of "nature types" on different spatial scales, and an attribute system of variables to further describe natural variation.

In the first phase of NiN development, from 2006 to 2009, a group of experts lead by Prof. Rune Halvorsen the the NHM elaborated principles for this new system for describing variation in Norwegian nature and dividing Norway into "nature types". NiN version 1.0 was published in 2009. A second phase of NiN development was started in 2012, leading to the publishing of NiN version 2.0 in 2015.

NiN is based on the definition of a nature type in the Nature Diversity Act of 2009. NiN was used as the platform for assessment of nature types for the national Red List for Ecosystems and Habitat Types, published in 2011. A new version of the red list, also based on NiN, is expected in 2018.

NiN is frequently used for mapping nature types, describing habitats of red-list species, and research projects. NiN is the foundation for the Norwegian Environment Agency's mapping [Norwegian only] and the Norwegian Agriculture Agency's MiS-mapping.

Courses in NiN:
BIO4120 (10 ECTS credits, teaching in Norwegian)

The GEco group researches mapping using NiN. Here: discussion about nature type assignment in the field.


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