Phylogeny, biogeography and generic delimitation of the genera Anthericum and Chlorophytum

Funded by: Likestillingsmidler (UiO)

Description of Project:
Between 150 and 200 species of the genera Chlorophytum and Anthericum have earlier been sequenced (ITS, trnL-F spacer, RPS) , now the single copy PHYC will be added to hopefully increase the resolution.

The project can be dived into a number of subprojects:

A. Phylogenetic and biogeographic studies
B. Generic delimitaion, based on total evidence
C. Climatic change or isolation as an engine for speciation of Chlorophytum in East African mountains
D. An unknown center of speciation; Katanga in Dem. Rep. Congo
E. The mystrious rainforest taxa; how, when, how many and how many times?

Published Apr. 12, 2022 8:26 AM - Last modified Apr. 12, 2022 11:37 AM