Zootaxa: references

Instructions for Zootaxa authors: references

1) How to format references list. An example posted on Zootaxa website http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/support/reference.pdf (you can find a copy here) shows how to list a journal paper, a book chapter, a book and an internet resource (including a web page). Please pay particular attention to what should be italicized (this depends upon the type of reference you are citing), use n-dash to indicate page range, and closely follow the format.

2) How to cite a reference in the text. References should be cited in the text as Smith (1999), Smith and Smith (2000) or Smith et al. 2001 (3 or more authors), or alternatively enclosed in parentheses (Smith 2000; Smith & Smith 2000; Smith et al. 2001). Please note that there is no comma separating the author(s) and the year. The format used to cite a reference is slightly different from the format used to cite the author of a taxon when listing taxon name. In the latter case there should be a comma between the author name and the publication date: Aus bus Smith, 1888 or Cus bus (Smith, 1888).


Last updated: August 26, 2009

Published Nov. 20, 2014 10:19 AM