Øyvind Hammer

Associate Professor
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Phone +47 22 85 16 58
Room 429, Geological Museum
Visiting address Tøyen Oslo Sars gate 1
Postal address Postboks 1172 Blindern 0318 Oslo


Has a 50% position at NHM and 50% at Centre for Physics of Geological Processes.

Tags: Paleoecology, Geology, Oslo Graben, Holocene, Ordovician, Pleistocene, Jurassic, Data analysis, Stratigraphy, Svalbard, Cambrian, Paleontology, Norwegian Shelf


  • Koevoets, Maayke Jacqueline; Hammer, Øyvind; Olaussen, Snorre & Senger, Kim (2018). Integrating subsurface and outcrop data of the Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Agardhfjellet Formation in central Spitsbergen. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift.  ISSN 0029-196X. . doi: https://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg98-4-01
  • Tasianas, Alexandros; Bünz, Stefan; Bellwald, Benjamin; Hammer, Øyvind; Planke, Sverre; Lebedeva-Ivanova, Nina & Krassakis, Pavlos (2018). High-resolution 3D seismic study of pockmarks and shallow fluid flow systems at the Snøhvit hydrocarbon field in the SW Barents Sea. Marine Geology.  ISSN 0025-3227.  403, s 247- 261 . doi: 10.1016/j.margeo.2018.06.012
  • Hammer, Øyvind & Svensen, Henrik (2017). Biostratigraphy and carbon and nitrogen geochemistry of the SPICE event in Cambrian low-grade metamorphic black shale, Southern Norway. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.  ISSN 0031-0182.  468, s 216- 227 . doi: 10.1016/j.palaeo.2016.12.016

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  • Stokke, Ella Wulfsberg; Jones, Morgan Thomas; Hammer, Øyvind & Svensen, Henrik (2018). Geochemical variations during the PETM and later Eocene hyperthermals: investigating a new drill core from Fur, Denmark.
  • Stokke, Ella Wulfsberg; Whiteside, Jessica H.; Svensen, Henrik; Hammer, Øyvind & Jones, Morgan Thomas (2018). Linking warming, environmental changes, and volcanic ash falls from onset to recovery of the PETM: investigations from Fur, Denmark.
  • Collignon, Marine; Hammer, Øyvind; Fallahi, Mohammad Javad; Lupi, Matteo; Schmid, Daniel Walter; Husein, Alwi; Hadi, Soffian & Mazzini, Adriano (2017). Linking the Lusi mud eruption dynamics with regional and global seismic activity: a statistical analysis.
  • Delsett, Lene Liebe; Koevoets, Maayke Jacqueline; Hammer, Øyvind; Novis, Linn Kristin; Roberts, Aubrey Jane; Druckenmiller, Patrick Scott & Hurum, Jørn Harald (2017). A model for marine reptile taphonomy in the Late Jurassic Slottsmøya Member Lagerstätte.
  • Delsett, Lene Liebe; Koevoets, Maayke Jacqueline; Hammer, Øyvind; Novis, Linn Kristin; Roberts, Aubrey Jane; Druckenmiller, Patrick Scott & Hurum, Jørn Harald (2017). Marine reptiles from death to discovery.
  • Hurum, Jørn Harald; Økland, Inghild Halvorsen; Ekeheien, Christina; Bratvold, Janne; Nash, Victoria Engelschiøn; Roberts, Aubrey Jane; Delsett, Lene Liebe; Hansen, Bitten Bolvig; Mørk, Atle; Druckenmiller, Patrick; Reisdorf, Achim; Wintrich, Tania; Nakrem, Hans Arne & Hammer, Øyvind (2017). Death and survival in the Early Triassic – Svalbard revisited.
  • Mazzini, Adriano; Svensen, Henrik; Forsberg, Carl Fredrik; Linge, Henriette; Lauritzen, Stein-Erik; Haflidason, Haflidi; Hammer, Øyvind; Planke, Sverre & Tjelta, Tor-Inge (2017). A Climatic Trigger for the Giant Troll Pockmark Field in the Northern North Sea. Show summary

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