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The café on the museum grounds

The café is located in Tøyen hovedgård in the Botanical Garden, and is run by Handwerk Botaniske. It offers quality organic, local food.

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All the food on the menu is made from scratch, with a focus on quality ingredients and plenty of greens. The menu changes with the seasons, and also follows the events organized by the Natural History Museum throughout the year.

Examples from the menu

  • Sandwiches/handwiches with varied toppings - vegetarian, meat/fish, cheese
  • Salad: A «bowl» with different grains, vegetables, eggs and seeds
  • Breakfast plate with boiled egg, assorted toppings and bread
  • Svele (a Norwegian type of pancake) with stirred raspberries, chia seeds, butter, Røros sour cream and brown cheese
  • Cakes and muffins of different sorts
  • Soup
  • Sour dough bread
  • Coffee beans from Supreme Roastworks
  • Drinks: Filter coffee, assorted quality tees, freshly squeezed juice, BIO soda and squash (saft).
  • Organic ice cream from Alm Gard

Limited reservation possibilities Monday - Friday

Requests to reserve tables must be sent at least one week in advance to  This is only for groups of minimum 10 people, and not Saturdays/Sundays. The menu will then consist of sandwiches. Please let us know if you are visiting the Botanical Garden in relation to an event or a tour.

Please do not bring your own food or drinks to the café grounds.

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