Norwegian Insect Red Lists 2010 and 2015: optimizing the use of species occurrence data for objective evaluation of endangered status (completed)

Funded by:
Research Council of Norway, MILJØ 2015, 2008-2012 (project number 183318/S30)

Description of Project:
The project uses species occurrence data obtained from existing databases, natural history museum collections and field work, to develop a scientifically sound and objective approach to evaluation of the endangered species status for the new editions of the Norwegian Red List (planned by Artsdatabanken for 2010 and 2015). Our evaluation is built on species distribution predictions, based on ecological niche modeling using Maxent.


The project includes the following goals:

  • To establish how much data (localities) is needed, to infer species distributions using ecological niche modeling
  • To test whether predicted distribution can be used to evaluate the endangered status of the Red List species
  • To explore how the data on species occurrence outsideNorway can be used to infer species distribution within Norway
  • Using predictions, to identify the areas in Norway where the endangered species are concentrated, and to test these predictions
  • To evaluate how well protected territories are covering the areas with high concentration of endangered species
  • To identify how many observations are needed to detect changes in species distributions
  • To provide recommendations to experts preparing the new editions of the Norwegian Red List and to inform decision makers
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