BioDATA final symposium (Oslo)

BioDATA final symposium for partner universities, ForBio, and GBIF. Venue in Oslo (11-12 November 2022).

group picture

BioDATA final seminar in Oslo, photo by Dmitry Schigel

Typically, established researchers, museum curators, and collection managers are involved in data management and data publishing to national and global biodiversity data facilities. By training early career (student) biodiversity scholars, we will efficiently turn the current academic and education landscape into a more open-data-friendly one. The closing event will focus on addressing students from the University of Oslo. Two students from each BioDATA partner country will be able to participate and present their studies and data activities as dataset publications through and/or as data papers, an emerging and student-friendly publication type. GBIF Norway with the support from the GBIF Secretariat will act as a data publishing facilitator.

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Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden in Oslo by Helge Høifødt CC BY SA 3.0



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