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Aviation Bird project

The Aviation Bird project at the Natural History Museum is a targeted project with a clear task for the society: to reduce the risk of collisions between aircraft and birds (birdstrikes).

Bildet kan inneholde: fugl, himmel, virveldyr, bygning, dyremigrasjon.

The Aviation Bird project is an advisory unit for Royal Norwegian Air Force with, among other things, the following tasks:

  • To identify birds involved in collisions between aircraft and birds - birdstrikes.
  • Make birdstrike statistics on aircraft type, bird species, location, height, speed etc.
  • Research on effects of new scare methods at airports.
  • Propose measures to reduce the birdstrike risk at Norwegian airports and over Norwegian territory.
  • Inform pilots and air crew about hazardous bird species, about their migration routes and about large bird concentration areas in Norway.
  • Provide expert assistance to the air force in cases where environmental protection interests and aviation safety considerations are conflicting.

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