STADIS – STAbility and DIScontinuity

seahorses in aquarium

A research hub at the Natural History Museum

At STADIS we seek to understanding the origins and processes governing stability and discontinuity of biological systems at different levels of organization from the genome to the ecosystem. 

Research questions

  • What characterizes a stable biological system?
  • How is it discontinuous from other biological systems (stable or unstable)?
  • How is stability and discontinuity of the system maintained?
  • What happens with the system when stability and discontinuity break down?

Our research

Read more about the overarching aims and research topics of the STADIS hub. Find more information on the subtopics of the hub below. 

researcher digging for worms in on beach sand, sea and mountains in background

Opportunities to work with STADIS

No current positions available

STADIS seminar series

Scheduled talks

  • October 13th - Rebecca Varney, UC Santa Barbara
  • October 27th - Jon Bridle, University College London
  • November 10th - Ana Riesgo, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales
  • November 17th – TBC
  • December 1st – Nicolas Straube, University of Bergen
  • December 8th - David Marques, NHM Basel

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STADIS is a multidisciplinary hub that includes members from several research groups at the museum