Øystein Wiig

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Phone +47 22851688
Room 103, Zoological Museum
Visiting address Tøyen Sars' gate 1
Postal address NCB - National Centre for Biosystematics University of Oslo Natural History Museum P.O. Box 1172 Blindern NO-0318 Oslo


Cand. real. 1978
Dr. philos. 1994
Head Zoological museum 2000-2001
Head of Section for Zoology, Natural History Museum, 2001-2002
Board member Research Council of Norway Leiv Eriksson mobility program, 2005-2011
Board member Research Council of Norway International fellowship program, 2005-2011
Board member Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, 2006-
Chairman IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group, 1993-1997.
Chairman NAMMCO Scientific Committee Working Group on the Population 1999- 2005, Status of Belugas and Narwhals in The North Atlantic.
Invited Specialist IWC Scientific Committee (bowhead whales) 2008,
IUCN Red List Authority Focal Point for Polar Bear 2005 –

Special fields

Professor in mammalogy. Research primarily related to Arctic marine mammals, in particular polar bears, walrus and bowhead whales. The studies are management oriented and related to movement patterns and distribution of populations. Many studies are related to effects of pollution in the marine environment. In later years the research has an increased focus on genetic analyse of ancient and present tissue samples in order to assess population structure. The research is also related to studies of systematic of terrestrial carnivores by application of craniometrical methods.

Tags: Zoology, Evolution, Management, Whalrus, White whale, Narwhal, Arctic marine mammals, Polar bears, Mammalogy, Systematics, Ecology, Effects of climate change, Bowhead whales


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