Galina Gusarova

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Phone +47 22851614
Room 112c, Botanical Museum
Visiting address Sars' gate 1 Tøyen
Postal address University of Oslo P.O. Box 1172 Blindern NCB - National Centre for Biosystematics Natural History Museum NO-0318 Oslo


Plant systematics: use of genetic and genomic markers in species identification and delimitation and for phylogenetic and phylogeographic inferences. Applications of the high-throughput screening approaches of DNA sequence variation (DNA metabarcoding) for species identification and biodiversity assessments in both modern and paleo systems. Taxonomy of Euphrasia species (Orobanchaceae). Euphrasia as a model group to address coalescent-based species delimitation, molecular dating, hybridization and polyploidization.


  • PhD in Botany (2000), St Petersburg State University
  • MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control (1993), The University of Manchester
  • MSc in Biology and Botany (1989), St Petersburg State University

Teaching and tutoring

Teaching at UiO:

Biogeography course BIO BIO4230/9230. Lectures and Computer lab on Phylogeography: Data analysis tools. Introduction to phylogeographic diffusion modelling with BEAST software. (MSc/PhD course).

Teaching at St Petersburg State University:

  • Introduction to Phylogenetics (MSc course);
  • Data analysis and Experimental Planning (MSc course)
  • Multivariate Data Analyses for Botanical Research (BSc course)

Ongoing and planned research projects

ECOCHANGE - Challenges in assessing and forecasting biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe

Tags: phylogeography, DNA metabarcoding, Plant systematics, phylogenetics, species delimitation, Euphrasia taxonomy
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