Ana Teresa Capucho

Principal Engineer - Frontiers in Evolutionary Zoology
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Visiting address Robert Colletts hus
Postal address Postboks 1172 0316 Oslo

I am a technical assistant in the Artsdatabanken project “Assessing biodiversity in the marine algae belt”, which aims to generate an overview of marine invertebrate species living on different algae habitats along the Norwegian coast. My tasks include fieldwork, species identification, DNA barcoding and curation of specimens.


Master in Biology (NABIS – Nordic Master in Biodiversity and Systematics) by Uppsala University, where I first got interested in marine invertebrates and did my thesis in phylogeny and taxonomy of Acoela. I also worked with lizard’s ecophysiology, arctic fox’s conservation and environmental education, but now I’m focusing on marine invertebrates and taxonomy."

Tags: Biology, Taxonomy, Marine invertebrates


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