Plant Conservation

This course provides a thorough introduction to the essential aspects of plant conservation including an overview of threats to the world’s plant diversity, conservation genetics, conservation assessments and ways to minimize biodiversity loss. It includes an introduction to international legislations, politics and humans’ role, both as threats and conservers of plant diversity. The course will be taught at one of our African partner institutions as an intensive course with lectures and seminars.


Foto: Karsten Sund / NHM

Brita Stedje er professor systematisk botanikk ved Naturhistorisk museum. Hennes forskning er konsentrert rundt systematikk hos Hyacinthfamilien, Drageblodsfamilien, Sandliljefamilien og Påskeliljefamilien. Hun har felterfaring fra Kamerun, Etiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Sør-Afrika, Kreta, Madeira og Norge.

Publisert 14. mars 2018 15:28 - Sist endret 16. aug. 2018 15:00