CANCELED: Trial lectures: Associate Professorship in Systematic Mycology

Nov 28 and 29, the top ranked candidates for the Associate Professor position in Systematic Mycology will be at NHM for interviews.  They will all give an open trial lecture on the topic “The future of collections-based research in systematic mycology”. See schedule for the trial lectures below.

Schedule of trial lectures

Date Time Place Candidate
Nov 28 09:00-09:30 Lids hus (auditorium) Inger Skrede
Nov 28 10:45-11:15 Lids hus (auditorium) Martin Ryberg
Nov 29 10:30-11:00 Lids hus (auditorium) Viacheslav Spirin
Dec 5 15:00-15:30 Lids hus (auditorium) Riikka Linnakoski


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