Conference Venues

The main conference will take place in Georg Sverdrup's House, Blindern Campus, University of Oslo, and the Welcome reception at the Geological Museum at Tøyen Campus.

Opened in 1999, Georg Sverdrup's House is one of the landmarks at Blindern Campus. Though largely occupied by the Universitys Humanities and Social Sciences Library, this monumental building also has educational facilities as well as a cafe.

The Geological Museum is located in the Botanical Garden. This oasis in east Oslo is home not only to the Natural History Museum, but exotic plants such as cacti, orchids and palms, and indigenous species, including Norwegian wild flowers. Thousands of mountain plants flourish in the rock garden, cut through by waterfalls.

Getting there from city centre

Georg Sverdrups husBlindern / Georg Sverdrup's House
(Main conference venue)

Metro: westbound lines 3, 4 and 5 to Blindern station
Tram: westbound lines 17, 18 to Universitetet Blindern stop
Street address Georg Sverdrup's House: Moltke Moes vei 39

Map with Georg Sverdrup's House flagged
(use slider and hand to zoom in/out and change view)
Map showing the nearest public transport stops to Georg Sverdrup's House
A few minutes walk only from the stops

Geological MuseumTøyen/Geological museum
(Welcome reception)

Metro: all eastbound lines to Tøyen station
Street address: Monrads gate/Botanical garden

Map with Geological Museum flagged
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Public transport in Oslo


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