Fungus watercolours

  Hedvigs soppakvareller
© Hedvig Wright Østern 2002

Hermods soppakvareller 
© Hermod Karlsen 2002

In this virtual exhibition of fungus watercolours, two of Norways best known botanical illustrators present a selection of their artwork. Watercolours of a wide range of fungal species are shown here. The original watercolours were exhibited during the 7th International Mycological Congress (IMC7) in August 2002 at the University of Oslo.

Hedvig Wright Østern

Hermod Karlsen

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© All rights reserved by the artists 2002.

This exhibition is arranged by the Mycological Herbarium, NHM.

Publisert 30. jan. 2009 18:45 - Sist endret 11. aug. 2009 16:43