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Opening hours

Covid-19 update

  • Our indoor exhibitions and museum shop are temporarily closed, following the guidelines of the health authorities.
  • The Botanical Garden open with ordinary hours.

The opening hours of the Natural History Museum, including the Botanical Garden, shift throughout the year. Please see the bottom of the page for detailed hours. 

Robert Collett's House (previously The Zoological museum)

Geological and zoological exhibitions – "Stones and bones", "Norwegian and foreign animals" and "Tree of Life".

  • Closed until further notice


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The Climate House

In the Climate house you will be introduced to the Earth's climate systems, consequences of global warming, solutions and how you may contribute yourself. 

  • Closed until further notice
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The Botanical Garden

A scientific collection of living plants that comprise 5,500 plant types spanning the whole world.

  • Daily: 07–21

The Green Houses

The Palm house and The Victoria house of the Botanical garden

  • Closed until further notice

Museum Shop

Handwerk Botaniske

Museum café at Tøyen hovedgård where you can get organic and locally grown food.