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Access, maps and practical information

Maps and visiting address

Sars gate 1
0562 OSLO

Access by public transport

  • Metro (T-bane) "Tøyen station" (all lines)
  • Trami no. 17 to "Lakkegata skole"
  • Bus no. 20 to "Munch-museet"
  • Bus no. 31 to "Lakkegata skole"
  • Bus no. 60 to "Tøyen kirke" or "Tøyen skole"

Car access and delivery

  • Driving in the Botanical garden is prohibited, with the exception of deliveries and for persons with disabilities with valid parking certification. The vehicle entrance is in Sars gate 



Strollers are allowed inside the geological and zoological exhibitions of Colletts hus (Zoological museum). However, please note that the end of the "Norwegian hall" exhibition is only connected to the second floor by stairs. If you would like to bring the stroller up to the exhibitions on the second floor, you therefore need to either go back down to the first floor and take the elevator or bring the stroller up the stairs. A limited number of parking spots for strollers can be found next to the wardrobe on the first floor (to the right of the stairs, looking from below). 


  • Bicycling is not allowed in the Botanical garden


  • Dogs are allowed in the Botanical garden, but not inside the museum buildings
  • Dogs must be kept on a short leash and are not allowed in the flower beds
  • Dog owners are responsible for picking up their dogs excrements


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