The Zoological exhibitions

The Zoological exhibitions have two main themes:

The Norwegian hall


These exhibits are based on an unusual concept, both in a Norwegian and an international context: They take us through habitats and animal communities at increasing heights above sea level. The first diorama shows a typical community of sea-living creatures along the Norwegian coast. We move on to life along the beaches, via a spectacular diorama of cliff-nesting sea birds, to meet the animals found in cities and cultivated landscapes. Continuing upwards through evergreen forest to the birch belt, our journey ends in the high mountains where birds like ptarmigans and snow buntings manage to survive. In an extension of the Norwegian Hall lies the Svalbard Room, showing important arctic animal species.

The zoogeographic hall

Exhibition of tropic animalsThe dioramas in this hall are organized according to the zoological areas – or zoogeographic regions – of the Earth. Here you find animal species typical for each region – Europe and Northern Asia, Asia south of the Himalayas, North and South America, Africa south of the Sahara, Australia, and the Antarctic. The hall presents a colourful journey among countless exotic animals, exciting shapes and adaptations.

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