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The dinosaur hall

The dinosaur hall is currently closed due to renovations in Brøgger's house. However, you may still see dinosaur fossils and models in other exhibitions at the museum. 

The Tyrranosaurus Stan is located at the entrance of the Tree of Life exhibit

The Tyrranosaurus "Stan" welcomes you in the "Stones and bones" exhibit in Collett's house. Photo: Karsten Sund/Naturhistorisk museum

Dinosaurs currently on display

The Tyrranosaurus Stan may be seen in the Stones and Bones exhibitions in Collett's house (formerly Zoological museum). In addition, you can see several dinosaur fossils and models on display in the Tree of Life exhibition on the second floor of the Collett's house. Here you can track the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs and birds. 

The display showing the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs to birds
In the exhibition Tree of life we display the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs to birds with fossils and modeles. Photo: Karsten Sund/Naturhistorisk museum
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