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The Victoria House

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Photo: Guri Dahl

The Victoria House is a veritable time capsule from the 1800s. At the time, most European botanical gardens wanted to grow and show the gigantic water lily from the Amazon. This was long before ordinary people had the opportunity to travel and experience exotic flowers in their natural setting – or see them on TV. The Victoria House here in our botanical garden opened in 1876.

The water lily pool is found in the central room. The climate is warm and humid. We usually grow the species Victoria cruziana. If you are lucky, you may also find the sacred lotus in bloom in the pool. Around the pool there are many commonly used and  familiar tropical plants. That is, the useful parts of the plants are familiar from your kitchen cupboard, but you may not know what the whole ginger plant, the coffee bush or the cinnamon tree actually look like in nature.

The room to the right is devoted to African plants, many with medicinal properties.
The room to the left shows a selection of the plant life found high up in the tree canopy of a tropical rain forest. Most of these plants are epiphytes, which means that they grow on the trunks and branches of trees or other plants. The best known family in this group of plants is the orchid family. In a bed along one of the walls, you will also find a collection of carnivorous plants. 

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