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Garden rules

Illustration: bicycling and climbing prohibited. Dogs allowed on short leashes.

Help us to look after the Botanical garden and protect our plants for years to come by following these simple rules.

Show consideration

Help protect our plants so that people from all over the world can enjoy them – climbing, picking or pruning is not allowed. Neither two- nor four-legged creatures are allowed in the flower beds. Please do not sit on the grass, use our Picnic lawn (no. 20 on map) instead. Please show consideration for slow-moving children and adults.

Supervise kids

There are many poisonous plants in the Botanical Garden, some of them deadly. Kids must be under supervision of adults at all times while in the garden. Our poisonous plants are distributed throughout the garden. Nature is full of poisonous plants. It is our main mission to convey knowledge about nature's diversity. Therefore, we think it is important that such plants are included in our living exhibitions. 


Driving in the Garden is prohibited, except for delivery vans and the handicapped (see info).

Bicycling and jogging

Please park your bicycle and walk while in the Garden. Jogging is allowed, but please mind other visitors and stick to the edges of the garden.


Dogs must be kept on a short leash at all times.To protect our plant collections, please keep your dog on the designated walkways. Dogs are not permitted to walk into planting beds. Their urine damage plants.

Playing and climbing

The Willow garden is the Botanical Garden's playground for kids, where they can play freely. Remember that no climbing is allowed in the trees, tempting as it may be.

Food and drinks

If you wish to buy something to eat or drink, please pay a visit to the café Handwerk Botaniske outside Tøyen hovedgård. The area outside of the café is reserved for café guests, and brought food is not allowed here.

If you have brought food with you there are several options: You may walk across the road from the café and sit at the benches by Driftsbygningen. You may also sit on one of the many benches in the garden, or underneath the roof of the Garden house (when it is not used for teaching). We also have a picnic lawn (see no. 20 on map) in the northern end of the garden. No barbecuing is allowed.

Filming and photography

Filming and photography is allowed for private use. All professional photography, commercial or not, is only allowed by contract with NHM. Contact us if you have questions.