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Opening hours

Zoological and geological exhibitions
Closed until further notice

The Botanical Garden
Daily: 07–17

The Palm House and Victoria House
Closed until further notice

The Climate House
Closed until further notice

Practical information

Our exhibitions and the Botanical Garden

Big changes are coming to the museum. One of our two main exhibition buildings, Brøgger's house, is currently being renovated and will re-open with brand new exhibitions in 2022. Until then, you can see some of our finest geological and zoological objects in Collett's house. 

Zoological exhibitions

Explore our natural history dioramas displaying taxidermic animals in their habitats.

Stones and bones

"Stones and bones" displays the finest fossils, minerals and crystals from the museum collections.

Tree of Life

Come along on a journey into the history of life, and see where we all belong on the evolutionary tree.

Bloom in Great Granny's Garden in the Botanical GardenThe Botanical Garden – a living museum

The living collections of the Botanical Garden comprise over 5,500 types of plants from all over the world. They are actively used for teaching, general outreach and research. The plants are grown both in greenhouses and various theme gardens outside.  The Botanical Garden aims at sharing knowledge on the diversity of the plant kingdom and the value of preserving it. Norwegian plants that are threatened of vulnerable are kept in the garden. The garden also serves as an important recreational area for the city of Oslo.