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The museum shop

In the museum shop inside the entrance building you will find a wide variety of books, toys, tools, equipment, gifts and souvenirs.

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We want to provide products that are not only for entertainment, but that also serve a purpose, educate or arouse your curiosity.

This is why our popular dinosaur- and animal models are reproduced as faithfully as possible, and this is also the reason you will not find pink toy elephants in our shelves. Perhaps you'd like a prehistoric stuffed animal or a fluffy tarantula instead?

Nothing tickles the imagination like the real thing, and we offer both genuine fossils and beautiful rocks and minerals at a reasonable price. You will find a variety of books about our amazing world for everyone - grandma, the science enthusiast, the teenager, the school child and the toddler. If you are interested in plants and botany, why not take home some seeds, leeks or plants? Since our shop is located in the Botanical garden, we try to reflect the seasonal variations within it. For this reason we sell seeds when it is time to sow; and perennials, summer flowers, leeks and herbs when its time to plant. Sturdy tools and other equipment for your garden is available throughout the year whenever you need it, and also make wonderful gifts for the garden enthusiast.

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