Upcoming at the museum

Big changes are coming to the museum! In the next few years, two buildings will be ready with new exhibits for visitors. In addition, we are planning to build a brand new green house in the future. Here you can read about the new buildings and our upcoming exhibits.

New exhibitions in 2022

The Natural History Museum aims at challenging and renewing the ways in which scientific knowledge is disseminated to the general public. By telling stories of real and unique objects, displaying natural processes and questions that remain unanswered, we wish to generate wonder and excitement about Earth and the history of life. 

More information under construction

The new greenhouse

A new greenhouse comprising 3300 square meters and five climate zones. From downtown Oslo, step into realistic environments representing the mediterranean, desert, tropical rainforest and tropical cloud forest climate zones. In the artic zone you will learn how polar plants have adapted to harsh conditions like cold, wind and the low solar angle.