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The Climate House

What are dangerous emissions? Do you know enough about how climate change will affect our planet? Are you slightly unsure about the difference between weather and climate?

Climate change is a reality, but there is still a lack of knowledge about the form, cause and consequences of climate change. Young people are taking lead with their school strikes and their uncompromising approach to the problem. Young people are also the main target group of the Climate House.

The Climate House opens in the Botanical gardens in Oslo spring 2020. The Climate House will be a new and exciting arena for communicating research on climate and environmental issues. Children, teenagers and their whole families will be able to learn more about what climate change means, to get to know the several solutions that exist and to get inspired towards action. From early morning until late at night, the Climate House will showcase research-based exhibitions, lectures, films and debates. 

In the outside areas around the house we will communicate weather and climate phenomena through play, activities and art installations. The exhibits inside are to provide an understanding of both the natural climate changes and the man-made ones. 

Through active and sensory exhibitions, and relevant debates, we will explore solutions to the climate challenge.  We aim to be a vital and relevant meeting place for climate issues, and to engage our visitors and the general public to contribute to a more sustainable future.    

News about the Climate House (Norwegian)


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Brita Slettemark, leader of the Climate House

Torkjell Leira, project coordinator

Sverre Ø. Eikill, communications advisor

Read more about the project on the website of the Estate Services at the University of Oslo (In Norwegian).