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The Climate House

- exhibitions, experiences and debate about climate and climate change

What is the Climate House?


The Climate House at the Natural History Museum will be an arena for communicating research on climate and the environment, primarily targeted to a young audience. The Climate House is made possible through a generous gift from Jens Ulltveit-Moe amounting to 70 million NOK. Additionally, the City of Oslo, The Savings Bank Foundation DNB, Statkraft and OBOS are important contributors for realizing the house. 
The project is the phase of construction and will be finalized in February 2020. 

Through the active dissemination of knowledge, sensory experiences and exploration of the solutions to current climate issues, the Climate House is to inspire visitors and the general public to change towards a sustainable way of life.

Experiences for the whole family

The areas outside the Climate House will present weather and climate phenomena through play, activities and artistic installations.

The exhibits inside are to provide an understanding of both the slow, natural climate changes as well as rapid, man-made ones. The main target group is the young.

The house will also have spectacular audiovisual presentations and a marketplace for solutions to climate challenges - both for individuals and communities.

An arena for discussion and debate

The Climate House is to be filled with activities from morning to evening. Our ambition is to be a dynamic meeting place for climate issues.

Free admission to the Climate House's entrance hall and amphitheatre is planned. There will be rooms here for debates, seminars, lectures, film presentations, storytelling, flea markets, pop-up exhibitions and much more.

The amphitheatre will accommodate 140 people and be equipped with modern AV equipment. The local community, climate researchers, environmental organizations, the business community and government will all be able to use the facilities.

An environmentally-friendly building for the future

The Climate House is a pilot project by FutureBuilt, and a zero-emission building according to the criteria for Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB).

The house is 650 square meters. The building is shaped to provide optimum solar radiation for the solar panels on the roof. The building site will be fossil free.

Through the innovative use of locally-produced materials, the interplay between high and low technology as well as using a considerable proportion of wood, the Climate House will show the way for future building solutions.


A competition was held for architects to exhibit their ideas for the new Climate House. The winning team consists of the architect offices of Lund Hagem and Atelier Oslo, as well as Expology design studio. Illustration: Lund Hagem arkitekter og Atelier Oslo

News about the Climate House (Norwegian)


Do you have questions about the Climate House?

Contact project leader Torkjell Leira

Read more about the project on the website of the Estate Services at the University of Oslo (In Norwegian).