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The Climate House

Explore our brand new exhibitions on climate and climate change. In the Climate house you will be introduced to the Earth's climate systems, consequences of global warming, solutions and how you may contribute yourself. The Climate House is particularly aimed at young adults. The auditorium is a meeting place for discussions on the climate and environment as well as a variety of events. In the outdoor area around the Climate House, we focus on teaching young children about the weather and nature through activities and exhibits. 

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Covid-19 update

Our indoor exhibitions are temporarily closed, following the guidelines of the health authorities. The Botanical Garden is open with ordinary hours. Stay safe, we look forward to seeing you again. 

Admission for the Climate House

The exhibits provide updated, research-based facts on the Earth's current climate. It explains the different natural and man-made influences on climate change, what we stand to lose and the consequences of various scenarios for the future. At the same time, visitors will gain insight into how they can help stop climate change and what their role in the fight against climate change can be.

The exhibit has been developed in collaboration with the exhibit designers SixSides.

Video from the exhibits

Explore the brand new exhibits on climate and climate change here at the Natural History Museum. Have a sneak peak from inside the building. 


Contact information

Brita Slettemark, Leader

Torkjell Leira, Project coordinator and Head of Events

Jørgen Øverbye, Communications consultant