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Image may contain: Orange, Chambered nautilus, Sea snail, Nautilus, Clip art.Abundance models

One-way ANCOVA

One-way ANOSIM

Two-way ANOSIM

Two-way ANOSIM without replication

ARMA (and intervention analysis)



Beta diversity

Box-Cox transformation

Box's M test

Canonical Correspondence Analysis

Changepoint modeling

Circular correlation

Circular analysis, one sample

Circular analysis, two samples


Combine errors

Compositional data transforms

Contingency table (chi2 etc.)

Coordinate transformation


Correspondence Analysis

Correlation length analysis

Ratio of counts confidence interval

Cross correlation

Date/time conversion

Detrended Correspondence Analysis

Discriminant analysis

Taxonomic distinctness

Diversity indices

Diversity permutation test

Diversity profiles

Diversity t test

Elliptic Fourier shape coefficients

F and t tests from parameters

FIR filter

Genetic sequence stats

Generalized Linear Model

Gridding (spatial interpolation)

Hangle Fourier shape analysis


Indicator species analysis (IndVal)

Insolation (solar forcing) model

Intraclass correlation

Kernel density (2D)

K-medoids clustering

K-means clustering

Common Allometric Component analysis for 2D landmarks

Common Allometric Component analysis for 3D landmarks

Edit landmark lines/polygons

Linear regression of 2D landmarks

Linear regression of 3D landmarks

PCA of 2D landmarks (relative warps)

PCA of 3D landmarks

Thin-plate splines for 2D landmarks

Measure on image

Multiple linear regression (1 dependent, n independent)

Multivariate linear regression (1 independent, n dependent)

Linear, bivariate model

Multivariate multiple linear regression (m independent, n dependent)

LOESS smoothing

Fit points to spiral

Mann-Kendall trend test


Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test

Mantel correlogram (and periodogram)

Mantel test and partial Mantel test

Markov chain

Minimal spanning tree analysis

Mixture analysis

Modern Analog Technique

Multivariate normality

Multiple proportion confidence intervals

Multitaper spectral analysis

Neighbour joining

Nearest neighbours point pattern analysis

Network plot

Non-metric NMDS

Nonlinear fit

Normality tests

One-sample tests

Several-samples repeated measures tests

Open Street Map


Paired Hotelling

Parsimony Analysis (cladistic)

Phylogenetically independent contrasts

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Coordinates Analysis

Simple periodogram

One-way PerMANOVA

Two-way PerMANOVA

Two-block Partial Least Squares

Point alignments

Point events

Point events spectrum

Polynomial regression

Single proportion test

Quadrat counts

Quadrat richness

Radar chart

Individual rarefaction

Redundancy Analysis (RDA)

REDFIT spectral analysis

Ripley's K point pattern analysis


Runs test

Sample rarefaction (Mao's tau)


Shareholder Quorum Subsampling (SQS)

SHE analysis

Similarity and distance indices


Sinusoidal regression

Simple smoothers

Smoothing spline

Spatial autocorrelation (Moran’s I)

Species packing (Gaussian)

Spherical data (one sample)

Short-time Fourier transform

Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier curves, log-rank test etc.)

Two-sample tests

Two-sample paired tests (t, sign, Wilcoxon)

Two-way ANOVA

Two-way ANOVA without replication

Two-way repeated measures ANOVA

Summary statistics

Venn diagram

Walsh transform

Weighted averaging partial least squares (WA-PLS)

Wavelet transform

Wavelets for unequal spacing