Instruction to authors

SOMMERFELTIA accepts scientific papers of 32 printed pages or more, in English. The abstract must not exceed 300 words. The author is responsible for ensuring that the English is lin­guistically correct.

The monographic format of SOMMERFELTIA is intended for research of greater depth or breadth than the standard journal article format. Monographs often result from research carried out over many years. Typical SOMMERFELTIA monographs contain analyses of large data sets in great detail, descriptions of taxa or nature types, or comprehensive essay reviews or theoretical studies. Being an Open Access journal without a limit on the maximum number of pages in one article, the journal's policy is to allow detailed descriptions of materials and methods and comprehensive appendices whenever necessary for the integrity and repeatability of the study, and/or whenever the data is judged to be an important resource for future studies.

Manuscripts to SOMMERFELTIA must not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Authors of planned contributions to SOMMERFELTIA are recommended to contact the editor early in the writing process. Manuscripts are subjected to peer reviewing by at least two reviewers, before acceptance or rejection is decided. Because monographs are often the results of long-term efforts, the journal opens for a process in which the peers take a more active guiding and supervising role in the last phases of manuscript preparation rather than only serving as referrees of a final version.

Manu­scripts should, as far as possible, be prepared by the author to fit the layout of the series. The hierarchy of headings may include four levels. The type area is 14.0×20.3 cm, and Times New Roman 11/13 pt is generally used. Further instructions may be obtained from the technical editor. The manuscript should be submitted electronically to the editor.

Figures (incl. line drawings) should fit the type area. Legends to figures should be included as a separate file. Tables (including headings), prepared by the table function of standard word processing software, should be enclosed as a separate file. Tables placed at right angles to normal text should be 20.3 cm broad and no more than 14.0 cm high. Tables divided on more pages can be accepted; on the second and later pages the table heading should be Tab. x (continued).

Figures and tables should be numbered separately and consecuti­vely with Arabic numerals. Digital photographs may be accepted after agreement with the editor. Coloured illu­strations are accepted when extra costs are paid for by the aut­hor. Taxonomic keys should have right margins and be based on dichotomies. References should be written according to current practice in SOMMERFELTIA. SOMMERFELTIA prefers ab­breviations of titles in accordance with the World List of Scien­tific Periodicals. Recent issues of SOMMERFELT­IA (Volume 34) should be consulted for details of layout.

Printed copies of SOMMERFELTIA monographs can be ordered from the Open Access publisher, Versita (contact the editor for further information).

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