Previous issues of Sommerfeltia

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Supplement Vol. 7. K. Rydgren: Fine-scale disturbance in an old-growth boreal forest - patterns and processes. 25 pp. (May 1997).

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Vol. 11. R.H. Økland (ed.): Evolution in higher plants: patterns and processes. Papers and posters presented on a symposium arranged on occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Botanical Garden in Oslo, June 5-8, 1989. 183 pp. (Dec. 1990).

Vol. 12. O. Eilertsen: Vegetation patterns and structuring processes in coastal shell-beds at Akerøya, Hvaler, SE Norway. 90 pp. (June 1991).

Vol. 13. G. Gulden & E.W. Hanssen: Distribution and ecology of stipitate hydnaceous fungi in Norway, with special reference to the question of decline. 58 pp. (Feb. 1992).

Vol. 14. T. Tønsberg: The sorediate and isidiate, corticolous, crustose lichens in Norway. 300 pp. (May 1992).

Vol. 15. J. Holtan-Hartwig: The lichen genus Peltigera, exclusive of the P. canina group, in Norway. 77 pp. (March 1993).

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Vol. 19. E. Bendiksen, K. Bendiksen & T.E. Brandrud: Cortinarius subgenus Myxacium section Colliniti (Agaricales) in Fennoscandia, with special emphasis on the Arctic-alpine zones. 37 pp. (Nov. 1993).

Vol. 20. G. Mathiassen: Corticolous and lignicolous Pyrenomycetes (Ascomycetes) on Salix along a mid-Scandinavian transect. 180 pp. (Nov. 1993).

Vol. 21. K. Rydgren: Low-alpine vegetation in Gutulia National Park, Engerdal, Hedmark, Norway, and its relation to the environment. 47 pp. (May 1994).

Vol. 22. T. Økland: Vegetation-environment relationships of boreal spruce forests in ten monitoring reference areas in Norway. (May 1996).

Vol. 23. T. Tønsberg, Y. Gauslaa, R. Haugan, H. Holien & E. Timdal: The threatened macrolichens of Norway - 1995. (June 1996).

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Vol. 32. H.Y. Liu, T. Økland, R. Halvorsen, J.X. Gao, Q.R. Liu, O. Eilertsen & H. Bratli: Gradient analyses of forests ground vegetation and its relationships to environmental variables in five subtropical forest areas, S and SW China. 196 pp. (Nov. 2008). 

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