Participants in BioDATA – Biodiversity data management skills for students

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Hugo de Boer Acting Head of Research, Professor, Group Leader +47 22851875 +4798126030 (mob) Biology, Botany, Molecular identification, Plant DNA barcoding, ION-Torrent PGM, Botany Systematics, Orchidaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Ethnobotany, Medicinal plants
Dag Endresen Chief Engineer +47 22851654 +47 40612982 (mob) GBIF, data publishing, research data, open science, data science
Marcella Orwick Rydmark Senior Adviser +47 94494094
Rukaya Sarah Johaadien Head Engineer
Brecht Verstraete Senior Executive Officer +47 22851747 +47 90221301 (mob)